Effective Academic Writing : The Paragraph [PDF]

Effective Academic Writing 1 is a textbook that aims to help students develop their academic writing skills. According to the University of Edinburgh, academic writing has several key features that include:

Structure: Academic writing should be structured in a clear and logical manner. The structure of an essay should reflect how the writer developed their position. The essay should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. Different types of assignments have different overall structures.
Commonalities: Academic writing should group similar points together, divide sections into paragraphs, ensure that each paragraph deals with a main point or theme, present the main point or theme in a sentence at or near the beginning of the paragraph, develop the main point or theme of the paragraph in the sentences that follow, and ensure that each paragraph links smoothly with the previous one.
Ideas development: Academic assignments should contain a clearly formulated central idea developed in a logical manner, leading to a conclusion. The central idea is usually expressed in a single sentence. In answering the question, the writer has to follow a clear and sustained line of reasoning. This involves identifying points in support of the central idea and developing them using appropriate evidence.
Critical approach: Academic writing should acknowledge and deal with the complexity of the subject matter, explaining, giving reasons, examining or anticipating consequences, comparing, contrasting and evaluating, considering both sides of an issue, taking a position, supporting claims with credible evidence, investigating claims made by others and, if appropriate, questioning the evidence, drawing conclusions, making suggestions and recommendations.
Sources and voices: Academic work builds on the work of others. When reporting, developing, applying, criticising or even rejecting the contributions made by others, you follow well-established conventions for citing and referencing sources.
Effective Academic Writing 1 is a textbook that covers these key features and more, providing students with the tools they need to succeed in academic writing.

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